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Shelby Advocates for Valid Elections

'Shelby Advocates for Valid Elections' (S.A.V.E.) is a citizens' group active in preserving, advancing, and protecting the integrity of our votes, and to advocate for verified and valid elections.
*NEW* Federal Lawsuit Filed 


Shelby Advocates for Valid Elections (S.A.V.E.)

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The purpose of this new group is research, advocacy, and education to insure the fundamental right to vote in public elections.

It was founded by three concerned citizens who wanted to make sure every vote was counted accurately and reported correctly.

Key Efforts of S.A.V.E.

Research - We examined the Shelby County Election Commission voting systems and discovered many vulnerabilities.
Advocacy - Developed a report, 'Voting on Thin Ice' and presented it to the Federal, State, and local authorities. Members have presented data and made recommendations.
Education - We are distributing our findings and making recommendations for new voting systems and new laws.
S.A.V.E Federal Lawsuit - Filed a Civil Rights lawsuit in United States District Court for the Western District of Tennessee.
Join Us - We are not alone in that many jurisdictions in this country are having similar problems. Experts agree that reform is needed. Help us shine a bright spotlight to preserve democracy. Contact us today to volunteer.

Voting on Thin Ice

The Voting on Thin Ice report pulls back the curtain from the voting systems in Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee to reveal the truth that voting systems across our country are vulnerable at multiple points in the voting process. The Shelby Advocates for Valid Elections (“SAVE”) began its work in 2012, long before the recent reports of interference in our presidential elections.

We have uncovered many weaknesses and vulnerabilities which may apply in other counties. We are not computer experts, and do not attempt to provide a technical analysis. Rather, we observe how these machines are used in real life in one particular county, and open the door so others can learn about systematic problems that ‘common sense’ says could lead to inaccurate results, disputed elections, and a decline in voter confidence in the electoral process.

Everything in this base report is backed by objective documentation from open records requests and other original research from our own investigation.

Illusion-Based Election System

Our expert Matthew Bernard, a Doctoral Candidate in Computer Science at the University of Michigan, said, “Given the level of vulnerability present in Shelby County’s voting system, it tis a near certainty that if an advanced persistent threat (APT) has tried to get in - it has succeeded. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that elections held prior to now have been correct or secure either.

Become a Shelby Advocate for Valid Elections

You are invited to participate by completing our contact form and/or following us on our S.A.V.E. Facebook page where we will be discussing local, state, and national implications of our voting system.

S.A.V.E. is a 501 (c3) non-profit organization founded by Mike Kernell, Joe Weinberg, and Carol Chumney
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